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What is the Web? How do I make a website? Can I change the site after it is installed? I heard that it isn’t correct to have the site in PHP code ?! … (Real scenario, the client came with this information from a Web Design company)

Let’s see, in order to understand, what does this Web / Internet.

The website you visit frequently is nothing but an interface through which we get a translation of programming code behind the Internet. Any information such as texts, images, etc. are programming codes that are translated for us, the end user, through the web interface so we can see it like texts and images.

Programming Code:

<li>Vector art</li>

<img width=”300″ height=”54″ src=”http://www.modernsolution.ro/images/logo.jpg” class=”attachment-thumbnail” alt=”your logo here”>

Translation through Web page interface

  • Logo
  • cards
  • cars
  • Laptops
  • Vector art
  • Ilustration
  • Pen

your logo here


The programs that knows how to translate this programming codes into texts and images, are in fact the web browsers like: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and so on.

This codes must be written within a file so that broswers can translate it for us. As Word and Excel exists on our computers with the extensions like .doc and .xls that contains the information that are opend/ translated to us through the programs Word and Excel from Microsoft, so are the files in web development… This files are .html , .php , .aspx , .xml and so on, in which you can write the code and then you can open it with browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Let’s take them one at a time:

HTML: is the basic, the foundation language without whom browsing could not exists. A website made only in HTML is called a static website (means… if you want to modify the structure you will have to have knowledge about HTML programming)

PHP: Is a programming language which together with other components (databases, SQL servers , Email Servers, PHP Servers, Apache , etc) you can create an dynamic website (means…a site that stores all its information in a database and can be modified usig an admin panel that it not requires programming codex). ATENTION! PHP DOES NOT REPLACE HTML, HTML is part of PHP code and defines PHP as a page.

Now let’s see how we can make a website!

As i was saying before, we can build a site with pure HTML code , called a  Static site, wich contains all of its content in the code and can be modified only from the code…we can only have a small presentation site without any special functions filters, email directly from site’s interface, search in site, etc.

The question is: Does anyone uses this method? It’s a little deprecated static version of a site using only HTML, so, the most wanted method in modern days is the dynamic website version using HTML and PHP. We can build a website using two methods:

Method 1

Create a dynamic site with a management interface of the site so that the user can modify and control the site without too much trouble.

Method 2

We use CMS platform management site to which we attach a special theme for this platform (free or paid) .

Find out all about CMS platforms

Now let’s see how we can get it Online

Step 1: We buy a domain www.mysite.ro .com .eu .uk and so on (from an Web Hosting provider or directly from ROTLD). For .ro doamins you will pay once and its yours for life, and for .com you will pay early.

Step 2: Buy a Hosting (space on a server). From Web Hosting providers also.

Step 3: Create the site, secure it, optimise it (SEO) and put it online for everybody to see it.

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