SEO Optimization

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process improvement (favoring) the visibility of websites or web pages in the search results list ordering done by the search engine. With time, optimizing a web page of a website has become a service offered by some companies and / or corporations.

  • Text contained tags <title> text </ title>
  • Domain name
  • HTML elements
  • HTML tags
  • The frequency of a keyword, so the page and globally
  • Synonyms of the word key
  • ALT attributes for images
  • Title links
  • The total number of hyperlinks to and from a page
  • Quality websites from leaving links to a page
  • The age of a website

What help SEO?

Optimizing a site right leads to a better presence in search engines to relevant searches made by users related information, services or products presented on the site. This leads to more visitors, more people interested and more sales. But that’s not what makes SEO, its impact would be far wider and more beneficial.
SEO Help on:

  • Search engines do their job better
  • People find information, images, products they need
  • Small businesses to compete with big companies
  • A true industry specialists and trainers have jobs
  • Reduce expenses online promotion

Without SEO a blind personĀ browsing the Internet using a screen reader – a program which reads website content, would fail to understand that a website contains or another, especially if they consist of images known as pic2054.jpg instead cane-pliabil.jpg

How to do SEO?

There are two directions to be treated in parallel for better indexing of the website in search engines: On-Page and Off-Page

On-Page SEO

Regarding On-Page SEO, we must consider a range of activities:

    • Creating an SEO Friendly Design
    • Writing code for a website optimized more efficiently
    • Alt and title attributes for existing images
    • The use of heading tags: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6
    • Ideal would be to have a single CSS file
    • Writing Meta Titles (60-70 characters), the META description (150-160 characters) and define keywords for each page
    • Implementation of Analytics and Google Webmaster Google toolurilor monitoring site
    • The existence favicon (your logo must be found above in the browser toolbar
    • The existence and sitemap.xml sitemap.html
    • The page must have as much content and be updated frequently
    • Existing robots.txt file
    • Images should have a size as small, to be made specifically for the web
    • Images must be named according to chosen keywords
    • The existence of social networks is very important in site

Off-Page SEO

Regarding Off-Page SEO, we can do a number of activities to help site indexing in search engines. It is an activity in progress, but we can bring much organic traffic:

      • Press Releases
      • Videos uploaded on various sites
      • Social networks
      • In our domain registration relevant directories
      • AdWords campaigns
      • Create discussion forums, social networks
      • PowerPoint Presentations
      • News
      • Miscellaneous articles
      • Each SEO campaign is unique and tailored each web page separately.


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