About Us

Modern Solution is a concept born from the desire to bring in steady the balance between quality and price and the full disclosure of the right information, of which we are  always deprived when the balance is tilted more toward profit than on quality.

That is why Modern Solution integrates complete and qualitative solutions at the right price.

Our clients can be identified as companies with years experience  in the field of construction, planning, distribution, production, etc., also with sizes from national  to multinational and world leaders, some of them great inventors of systems and products that we use with confidence for over 20 years.


Kalinka Travel – Russia [Travel Agency]
PeekABooth – Bucharest [Events Photography]
theBeautyAdviser – Bucharest [Beauty Tricks]
Bookish Style – Bucharest [Books Reviews]
Next Auto Rulate – Bucharest [Car Dealear]
Next Auto Rent – Bucharest [Rent a car]
Cruceanu Unlimited – England [Fitness]
Mediatorul Conflicte – Bucharest [Lawyer Office]
Joy House – Bucharest [Restaurant Pub]
Margareta Lavrente – Bucharest [Photograper]
Emirom Grup – Bucharest [Recruitment and Logistics]
Inventive Auto – Bucharest [Service Auto]
Bomax Group – Bucharest [Real Estate]
E Halate – Bucharest [Medical Suits]
Cadouri Traditionale – Bucharest [Traditional Products]
Eco Field – Bucharest [Environmental Consulting]
Sigma Medical Class – Giurgiu [Private Medical Center]
Prot Equip – Bucuresti [Protection Equipments]
La Joya – Bucharest [Hand Made Jules]
Liviu Mazilu – Bucharest [Photographer]
Class Agent – Bucharest [Real Estate Agency]
Blog Emilio Ghaman – Bucharest [Blog Fashion]
Viorica Mihailescu – Bucharest
Maternity Beauty – Bucharest
Index Estate – Bucharest [Real Estate Agency]
Ionut Balescu – Bucharest [Real Estate Agent]
Fanclub Octavian Susanu – Romania, Onesti [World Champion]
Octavian Susanu – Romania, Onesti [World Champion Kata]
Altius Fotovoltaic – Bucharest, Marriott [Solar Panels Manufacturer]
Emilio Ghaman – Bucharest [T-Shirts – Shop Online]
Funerare Alexandru – Com. Chiajna [Funeral Service]
Transformatoare Vasco – Com. Chiajna [Equipments]
Cabinet Dr.Turcu – Bucharest, District 4 [Family Medicine]
Babel Language – Bucharest [Translates]
Sakura Onesti – Romania, Onesti [Sport Club Onesti]
Filosoft Team – Stirbei Voda [Rent our IT Department]
Pars Production Company – Th.Pallady [Cosmetics Manufacturer]
Electricom – Bucharest, Marriott [Green Energy Manufacturer]
World AZ Companies – Bucharest [A-Z Companies]
Machete TV – Bucharest [Blog / Car Model Presentation]
Vintastic – Bucharest [Wines – Shop Online]

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