Offline Photo Album

On 08.10.2018, Modern Solution brings onto Romanian and the international market, the first


We did not reinvent the wheel, we just succed in developing a new product accessible anywere, anytime and to a high number of users – Offline and Online Photo Album.
NOT to be mistaken with a web site (administration, install, host, server), Google Photos, Instagram, Cloud Apps!!
Book Photo Album

  • 1 book photo album
  • Book/leather
  • Only to borrow
  • It Deteriorates with time
  • DON’T have another one as backup
  • CANNOT share with many people at once
  • You always forget where you put it
  • Only one event
  • Cost at least 100 eur
  • Execution time between 3 weeks- 2 months
Web Site for Photos

  • Online
  • Offline NOT working
  • Runs on a server
  • You need a domain www (pay)
  • You need a hosting (pay)
  • Annual renewal
  • Administration
  • Settings
  • Something complex
  • Has to be secure
  • Build by a web designer (pay)
  • At least 100 eur or…
  • You can use free web apps
  • You need to provide them sensitive data
  • Quick Share (just send the link)
  • Execution time starting from 1-2 weeks

*Vedeti oferta noastra de web design

Offline Photo Album

  • Offline
  • It can be also Online (with a simple copy – paste)
  • Accessible any were in Offline mode (computer, mobile, tablet)
  • NO install
  • NO settings
  • NO access to your sensitive data
  • NO pictures stealing or downloads (protected)
  • Multiple events
  • Thousands of pictures
  • NO credit card or bank accounts
  • Does NOT deteriorate
  • Simple copy the album any were you wish
  • Share with thousands of friends
  • Zero security risks (offline or online mode)
  • Storing (CD, DVD, USB Stick, HDD, SSD, Cloud, GDrive, Web Hosting, etc)
  • Small size app
  • *Execution time, few hours

*varies depending on the number of pictures and the waiting list of orders


Some Exemples of Photo Albums

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